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green tea rice pudding

Matcha rice and Slendier pudding

This delicious and colourful dessert is not just for matcha lovers! Versati

konnyaku carpacio _MG_5224

Slendier Carpaccio

This is a very refreshing entrée.  A bright coloured sauce in combination


Slendier Chocolate Dessert

How to make a satisfying, healthy dessert in only 3 minutes! No, you didn


Slendier Pasta with Garlic, Tomato and Kale

This is a perfect summer dish! It’s delicious and a more nutritious a

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Expert Japanese Chef Yoshiko Takeuchi Teams Up With Slendier

Image via Cooking With Yoshiko At Slendier, we’re excited to introduce our expert in-house Japanese chef, Yoshiko Takeuchi


‘Write me a Meal Plan so I can lose weight’

The things Dietitians wish you knew about LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE weight loss By Vivian Tsang Nutrition Health & Wellbeing

I Love Gluten Free

Coeliac Disease

This articles was written by Coeliac Australia, a not-for-profit body supporting people with coeliac disease.  The gluten fr

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